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About Us

High Impact Management Consulting Limited is an established general management consulting company focused on strategic planning, operation improvement and corporate culture building. We have been serving clients in the business, government and non-profit sectors since 1998. Our mission is to help our clients create long term business success and grow people.

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Why Choose High Impact

Creating Sustainable Results Fast

Our customized and down to earth consulting approaches focus on one thing and one thing only �� creating sustainable results fast. We work closely with our clients�� teams to define project outcomes, challenge the status quo, explore creative yet feasible solutions and implement the solutions fast. And most importantly, we always take care of the human side of change. We address people�䏭 concerns and solicit buy-in throughout the change process, so that project outcomes can be sustained.

Partnership Matters

Integrity and mutual trust are the building blocks of our long term relationship with our clients. Many of our clients continue using our services for more than a decade. Some have even become our partners on projects such as co-authoring books, co-organizing trainings, publishing success cases and delivering third-party projects.

Your Achievement is Our Achievement

The value of consulting services is defined by their outcomes achieved, and we are proud to have played a key role contributing to our clients�� achievements. Just to cite a few examples: three of our clients received prestigious management quality awards from the Hong Kong Management Association; one client successfully expanded a restaurant chain in Hong Kong and China; another client, a multinational corporation, reduced the order fulfillment lead time by 60%.

Contact us now to discuss how we could help your organization, and that could be where our next success story comes from!